Lead the Way

from by J.R. August



Lead the Way

River lead the way
I'm not here to stay
I'm just passin' through
River lead the way

Upstream's the church of dreams
But the water's cold
Downstream the current is strong
There I sing my song
In the church of song
That's where I belong

Mozart lead the way
I'm not here to play
I'm just passin' through
Mozart lead the way

Take us to places and times
Of harmony and pain
Art was my very first love
Their first love was fame

Now, who is there to blame?
You left before you came
Didn't get your name

Children lead the way
I'm not here to play with you
I'm just passin' through
Children lead the way

Time is a double edged sword
It will heal and kill
Both minor and major chord
Melts a heart of steel
Spins the fortune wheel
Never ever ideal

Jesus lead the way
I'm not here to pray
I'm just passin' through
Jesus lead the way

You said:
Be wise as a snake
Harmless as a dove
Close the door to hate itself
Open them to love

Na na na na na na na

You're just passin' through - you say?
Why not lead the way?


from 33, released January 11, 2017


all rights reserved



J.R. August Zabok, Croatia

J.R. August is a singer-songwriter, music producer and a performing artist. Born in a small village surrounded by a forest, J.R. spends most of his time playing piano, writing melodies and poems and flyfishing.

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